Maya's Studio - Jubilee Wharf Gallery

Jubilee Wharf Gallery

Maya’s studio is located within Jubilee Wharf Gallery, a gallery Maya opened in 2013. Situated in Penryn, at the heart of Cornwall, the gallery takes its name from its location at Jubilee Wharf, a colourful live-work community of likeminded environmentally-conscious individuals, creative workshops and the popular waterfront Muddy Beach cafe.

Jubilee Wharf is an award-winning eco-development powered by innovative wind, solar and PV technologies. It sits at the head of Penryn River, a tidal tributary of the River Fal. With its stunning views, boats and wildlife, it is the ebb and flow of the tide here which provides Maya with both a mindful meditative escape as well as inspiration for her work.

Jubilee Wharf Gallery is a bright welcoming space showcasing Maya's own handcrafted sustainable jewellery and artwork as well as the work of other designer-makers who share the gallery with her. Here you are free to browse, try on jewellery and learn more about the process of jewellery-making by watching Maya at work.

 Maya's studio