Guarantee & Jewellery Care


When cared for correctly, Maya's jewellery designs will last for many, many years. If, however, a piece needs repair, alteration or polishing, please contact Maya to discuss. Maya provides a guarantee for all her jewellery and offers a repair service where possible at minimal cost. 

Caring for Pearls

Pearls are soft and delicate and since they come from oysters they benefit from moisture. It is good for pearls to be worn and have contact with your skin. You should not apply any perfumes or cosmetic products directly on to your pearls. If you have pearl jewellery that has not been worn for a while, take it in the palm of your hands and rinse the pearl in fresh water (not too warm). There are also dedicated products to keep pearls moist.

Caring for Silver

Silver will tarnish over time and can be polished by using silver cleaning products. Some of Maya's jewellery combines silver and pearls beaded closely together. Please make sure any silver cleaning product does not touch the pearls as it can harm them. A good tip is to use a thin paint brush and apply the silver polish only to where it is needed, then rinse in water and pat dry.