Sustainable Jewellery

Jubilee Wharf wind turbine


Maya is surrounded by, and is inspired by, the beauty of the natural world every day. The protection of our planet is one of her core values. Her commitment to minimising the environmental impact of her business is a responsibility she takes seriously.

100% Renewable Energy

Maya’s studio, gallery and home are situated in the award-winning, environmentally friendly Jubilee Wharf in Cornwall. It is one of the greenest buildings in Britain thanks to its innovative energy-saving technologies such as passive ventilation and energy from the wind and the sun. It is a thriving live-work community of likeminded eco-conscious individuals.

100% Sustainable Design

From the first sketches of a design, Maya is imagining jewellery which will last and be treasured by those who take it home.

100% Handmade by Maya

From the first cutting of the metal to the final polishing, it is Maya's own skills, love and care which are invested in her jewellery.

Natural Materials 

Maya chooses to work with natural materials. She is inspired by the unique qualities of each individual gemstone and precious metal.


Maya chooses materials which she knows can be melted down, reimagined and reconfigured into something new. She works with recycled silver, and other sustainably sourced metals whenever she can. Metal offcuts are repurposed to minimise waste. 

Commitment to Improving Traceability

Wherever possible Maya chooses traceable natural materials.With her FGA gemologist husband, Maya personally visits gemstone mines on her travels to buy direct from source to be sure of the ethics and working practices of those involved in their extraction. 

Recycled Packaging

Maya's beautiful jewellery leaves the studio carefully packaged in stylish gift bags made from recycled materials.


Maya offers a guarantee for her jewellery. Broken jewellery can be repaired at minimal cost where possible or can be redesigned into something new.