Sustainable Jewellery

Sustainable Jewellery



Maya moved to live and raise her family in Cornwall, by the sea where she is surrounded by stunning seascapes, wildlife and untamed lands. She set up her studio, gallery and home at Jubilee Wharf, a carbon-neutral building right on the quay of Penryn river, which has become a vibrant hub for small workshops and sustainable living.

Being immersed in nature has taught her to respect these fragile ecosystems. Minimising the environmental impact of her business is a commitment Maya takes seriously, each small step she takes, including using non-toxic materials, reducing plastic, using recycled packaging for her gift boxes and choosing to work with like-minded suppliers, all add up to a more sustainable practice. 

Maya is always open to hearing new ethical ways of making and trading.

Jewellery for Life:

From the first sketches of a design, Maya imagines jewellery which will last and be treasured for a lifetime. From the first cutting of the metal to the final polishing, it is Maya's own skills, love and care which are invested in her jewellery. Maya offers a full guarantee for all of her jewellery and offers repairs and advice on how to care for your jewellery.

Recycled silver and eco gold: 

Maya has developed a unique technique of recycling jewellery while maintaining some of their original features. She uses scrap precious metals, old jewellery and offcuts as her raw materials. For special commissions, she invites her customers to bring their broken and unused jewellery to be reimagined into something new. Breathing fresh life into their forgotten treasures.

Ethical gemstones:

Maya’s husband, Miles Mason, is a qualified FGA gemologist who sources most of her gemstones. Some gemstones are 100% ethical as he personally purchased them straight from the mines, where ethical practices are maintained. Other gemstones were purchased from local dealers where the gems are traceable to the source where they came from.

100% Recycled packaging:

Maya's beautiful jewellery leaves the studio carefully packaged in stylish gift boxes made from 100% recycled materials and are chemical free. The ribbons are usually made from wood pulp.