Maya Ullman

Creative + Sustainable + Handmade... these words define my jewellery. They also represent the values at the heart of my business as well as my own personal ethos.

My work is all about recycling old jewellery and turning them into something new. I reclaim broken silver clasps, hooks and chains as the raw material. Fusing them together, transforms the eco silver into new and organic free shapes. The jewellery is then adorned with natural pearls and gemstones, many of which are sourced by my gemologist husband Miles Mason, to create a fresh contemporary design.

Silversmithing is thrilling. I love when the metal reaches its melting point and then the silver can be used as a pencil or paintbrush, creating lines and textures like when I’m sketching and painting the landscape around me.

The stunning scenery in Cornwall is a true inspiration for my work.

My studio and gallery sits at the end of the tidal Penryn River where it opens up to the sea. From here, I observe the pulse of river life, the changing of the tides, the seasons and the dramatic skies. I try to capture these moments in my work. I feel exposed to the elements here. They can be harsh at times, but they are always immensely beautiful.

By contrast I grew up in a city, in Tel Aviv. I was always surrounded by artwork. I’m the daughter of the renowned Israeli artist Micha Ullman. As a child I would join him in his studio for hours and as I grew up I learned from him about art, philosophy and how to be true to my inner calling. Now, anywhere that smells of brushes, drying paint and raw materials feels like home for me.

I’ve carefully selected Hebrew words to distinguish my pieces of jewellery as a tribute to my heritage. These names bring together the language of my childhood, my love of nature and my passion for the craft of jewellery making.

Within our busy lifestyles today, we need moments of nourishment. Taking the time to pick out a unique piece of jewellery is so enjoyable. 

I hope my jewellery will encourage you to stop for a moment, to enjoy it and allow yourself an indulgence that will make you or a loved one feel special too...